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Henderson, Nevada:


The City of Henderson, Nevada created a cross-departmental team to review and select a software solution to assist in its Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) budget planning and project management. The team selected CIP Planner's CIPAce™ software product to support its CIP budget planning and project management processes. In 2007, the City deployed CIPAce's project budget planning functionality. The software was used to create the 2008 CIP Book and will be used to create future year CIP Books. The centralized application and database, and its functionality of defining, costing, prioritizing, selecting and reporting projects have assisted the City in improving its CIP budget planning process. In 2008, the City will deploy CIPAce’s project management functionality to manage CIP projects. The application's functionality of managing project budgets, purchase orders, invoices, contracts, issues and schedules will assist the City in improving its project management process. CIP Planner staff worked closely with City staff to define system configuration, system enhancement and training needs and has successfully delivered products and services to meet the City's expectations.


Laura Shearin – City of Henderson, Nevada CIP Coordinator


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