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PIMA County, Arizona:


Pima County's capital improvement program has increased each year to keep up with the fast pace growth of the southwest. The capital improvement program is primarily funded by bond programs that are taken to the voters for approval approximately every five to seven years. To ensure accountability and foster public trust, the County Board of Supervisors has put in place one of the most rigorous bonding disclosure and reporting ordinances in the country. The Bonding Disclosure and Reporting Ordinance requires Board of Supervisor's approval for changes for each project in scope, bond authorization and other funding, and implementation schedule.


Pima County has been using an in-house built CIP Program Management Application as an interim solution until a suitable commercial-off-the shelf application was available for project management, tracking budgets, cost estimates, schedules and funding, in one single application. Managing the allocation of project funding sources, especially bond authorization, is absolutely essential to adhere to the requirements of the Bonding Disclosure and Reporting Ordinance.


After evaluating several potential applications, Pima County determined that CIPPlanner's CIPAce, was the only application that met the needs for the County. The County staff responsible for managing the three ongoing bond programs and over 300 active capital projects is extremely excited about the application and is eagerly working with CIPPlanner to implement CIPAce County-wide in eleven separate departments. Although County staff is in the midst of implementation, we are already seeing the great potential of CIPAce and how it will benefit individual project management and the overall management of Pima County's bond programs.


Don Spiece
Manager, Pima County Arizona Capital Improvement Program


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