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CIPPlanner develops CIPAce™, a next generation cloud-based enterprise application platform that powers an integrated suite of infrastructure development solutions, including Capital Planning and Budgeting, Enterprise Capital Project and Program Management, Vendor Portfolio Management, Grant Portfolio Management, and Contract Portfolio Management. With more than $100 billion in capital investments among tens of thousands of projects under management, CIPAce™ has maintained the rapid growth stage of its product life-cycle since its debut in 2005. The CIPAce™ enterprise platform serves a range of organizations from Fortune 100 companies to local governments, utilities, and small businesses.


Headquartered in San Ramon, California, CIPPlanner offers the most comprehensive software management solutions for the infrastructure management sector. The entire application suite is built organically from the ground up utilizing the latest software development technologies. This unified and long-term-oriented development methodology has led to a highly flexible, configurable, and scalable architecture that can be easily tailored to business requirements of all scales.


The development and growth of CIPAce™ is a multi-year team effort between veteran technology innovators and business practitioners. The CIPPlanner solution seamlessly unites the management efforts and expertise of multiple disciplines and functions under a best practice enterprise management framework. Disconnected data silos among planning, finance, engineering, development, project control, and GIS can be consolidated into one central database. Business data and intelligence can flow seamlessly through the complete infrastructure management life-cycle from strategic planning, budgeting, financing, engineering, bidding, and construction to closeout and maintenance. Internal and external constituents, such as Business Planners, Financial Analysts, Fund Managers, Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Managers, Inspectors, Vendors, Designers, and Contractors, can all collaborate on the same web-based platform.


We invite you to join the CIPPlanner winning team to establish a world-class infrastructure management practice for your organization to stay ahead of the competition.


Mission Statement

Develop enterprise software solutions and a business service platform for public and private organizations to help optimize capital investments and maintain a strong infrastructure.

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