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Airports manage complex business operations with a diverse profile of stakeholders including airlines, concessionaires, governmental agencies, neighboring communities, and travelers.  Managing the many aspects and coordinating among multiple parties associated with the long life cycles of capital projects is a task airports have to deal with daily. Some airports’ capital program management challenges are listed below:


  • Manage and coordinate a lengthy capital planning processes among multiple stakeholders across multiple years;
  • Make proper ranking and investment decisions with solid justifications to maximize return on investment;
  • Develop accurate cash flow projection by projects and funding sources to minimize financing cost and comply with tax-exempt bond regulation;
  • Track and compare costs, schedules and resources between plan and actual implementation status;
  • Manage complex contract management and invoice review and approval process, including the coordination of management structures between contracts and projects and their corresponding budget constraints;
  • Develop consistent and appropriate reports for internal management and external stakeholders;
  • Plan, track and report capital programs by funding sources.  For example, an airport might have a runway paving project inanced with different fund sources, including Airport Improvement Program (AIP), bonds and operating cash. Being able to tie specific aspects of a project to the exact funding source is critical for internal management and legal compliance purpose.


CIPAce™ for Airports

CIPAce™ offers a total solution that will streamline the entire life cycle of capital program management at your airport.  The complete business processes of capital planning, budgeting, project execution and project closeout are integrated and under the management of a unified solution.  The end result is optimal investment portfolios, lower costs, well coordinated and accelerated schedules and quality delivery of projects across the airport. CIPAce™ can help your airport enable best industry capital program management practices that will effectively coordinate the execution efforts of all of your team members, such as planners, financial managers, executives, architects, contractors, engineers, and suppliers.


CIPAce™ is the system of choice for airports to:


  • Tracking funding sources, disadvantaged business enterprise participation and payment/invoicing information.
  • Illustrating the relationships between funding sources, projects and related contracts.
  • Providing an executive view of the overall airport capital program.
  • Providing monthly and quarterly reports needed to satisfy airport management and fund providers.
  • Providing current project information related to budgets, estimates, change orders and fund availability.
  • Tracking projects, project funding, invoicing and payments efficiently.
  • Creating reports in different formats required for filing with the Federal Aviation Administration and other governmental agencies.
  • Developing an optimal Capital Plan that would deliver the most critical services at the right time given external constraints, such as resources, environmental, public safety, timing and legal requirements.
  • Automating Capital Program Management procedures and deliverables to reduce administrative delays and enhance efficiencies.
  • Enabling internal and external collaborations to streamline business activities, such as planning, bidding, contracting and invoicing.
  • Reporting critical data for program and project management.
  • Providing extensive functionality to manage, track, and maintain funding sources.
  • Allowing management to pinpoint the impact of scope expansion.
  • Enabling geospatial mapping and analysis of capital projects.
  • Developing accurate cash flow projections to minimize idle cash and financing cost;
  • Better plan, package and time construction activities to achieve economies of scale and reduce redundant works.


As a web-based system, CIPAce™ requires no specialized end-user software or complex deployment, making it easy to extend sophisticated program and project management capabilities to internal and external team members.   Please click here for a sample list of airports who are utilizing CIPAce™ Software to optimize the values of their capital improvement programs.


Please click here for a sample list of airports and other transportation authorities who are utilizing CIPAce™ Software to optimize the values of their capital improvement programs.

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