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Cities, Counties, and States


Cities, Counties, and States have a wide variety of capital project and numerous funding sources to plan and manage across a multi-year planning horizon. Finding the optimal mix that achieves the biggest bang for the buck and compliance with Local, State and Federal funding regulations is a challenge for cities and counties. Other major challenges for cities and counties to manage capital programs include:


  • The need to provide ongoing status reporting by district, department and program;
  • The needs for prioritization of projects to develop the optimal project portfolio given funding constraint and the community’s strategic goals;
  • The need to enable transparency and accountability and
  • Provide in-time, comprehensive and unbiased performance measurement.


In the past, government capital programs were characterized by silos of justification and many different projects using various procedures, diverse reporting systems, and limited information distribution. Today, more agencies are realizing the value of information sharing and coordination to improve their ability to track and report on a variety of metrics across a portfolio of projects. Real-time visibility into projects, process automation, and collaboration are the hallmarks of new methods of project, program, and portfolio management to maximize the value of capital investments for communities.


CIPAce™ for Cities, Counties, and States

CIPPlanner has worked closely with leaders in numerous cities and counties to meet their specific capital program and portfolio management requirements. CIPAce™ is the system of choice for public-sector organizations to:


  • Develop an optimal Capital Plan that would deliver the most critical services at the right time given external constraints, such as resources, environmental, public safety, timing and legal requirements;
  • Automate Capital Program Management procedures and deliverables to reduce administrative delays and enhance efficiencies;
  • Enable internal and external collaborations to streamline business activities, such as planning, bidding, contracting and invoicing;
  • Report critical data for program and project management;
  • Provide extensive functionality to manage, track, and maintain funding sources;
  • Better plan, package and time construction activities to achieve economies of scale and reduce redundant works, such as digging up the streets twice in a short period of time;
  • Enable geospatial mapping and analysis of capital projects;
  • Develop accurate cash flow projections to minimize idle cash and financing cost


Because it is Web-based, CIPAce™ requires no specialized end-user software or complex deployment, making it easy to extend sophisticated project management capabilities to internal and external team members. CIPAce™ allows county boards, city council, and legislative groups to understand the implications of their policies on the project delivery goals. Additionally the audit features of CIPAce allow management to pinpoint the impact of scope expansion without extensive research.


Please click here for a sample list of cities and counties who are utilizing CIPAce™ Software to optimize the values of their capital improvement programs.

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