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Water and Wastewater Agencies

Water and Wastewater Agencies and departments tend to plan capital projects for a very long term. Their strategic plans usually have planning horizons of up to 50 years. These long planning horizons are more useful as the use of predictive models allows these agencies to identify within a 3 to 5 year window the type of asset renewal that will be required. Turning these strategic plans into the tactical Capital Improvement Program (CIP) can be challenging in the spreadsheet environment that most agencies currently use.  Large programs can face challenges of justifying the employee levels that are necessary when the demand for infrastructure spikes. Close management of the schedule and operational impacts by CIPAce™ assists this decision-making for upper management tremendously.


CIPAce for Water and Wastewater Agencies

CIPPlanner support planning horizons up to 50 years allowing the Capital Program Management Process to mirror the planning horizon of the strategic plan. CIPAce provides a powerful business process platform that enables Water and Wastewater Agencies optimize business processes across the entire organization. In close participation with a leading Water Agency CIPPlanner has developed a variety of reports that support the standardization of schedules across an agencies entire portfolio. This standardization allows for long term assessment and benchmarking on project execution. This allows the right sizing of project manage load.


One of the largest Water Agencies in Texas, the Trinity River Authority uses CIPAce.


CIPPlanner has worked closely with leading agencies to meet their specific capital program and portfolio management requirements. CIPAce™ is the system of choice for Water and Wastewater organizations to:


  • Develop an optimal Capital Plan that delivers the most critical services at the right time under external constraints such as resources, environmental, public safety, timing and legal requirements;
  • Maintain Master Plans for extensive project development ;
  • Automate Capital Program Management procedures and deliverables to reduce administrative delays and enhance efficiencies;
  • Manage tasks across different projects, deadlines, resources, budgets and teams;
  • Allocate capital efficiently and effectively across the entire project portfolio;
  • Improve accountability and follow through on assigned goals, projects and tasks.
  • Define, manage and track budgets and billing rates using predefined or customizable settings.
  • Enable internal and external collaborations to streamline business activities such as planning, bidding, contracting and invoicing;
  • Enable unification of fragmented information systems and workflows;
  • Report critical data for program and project management;
  • Provide extensive functionality to manage, track and maintain funding sources;
  • Better plan, package and conduct time construction activities to achieve economies of scale and reduce redundant works such as digging up the streets twice in a short period of time;
  • Enable geospatial mapping and analysis of capital projects;
  • Develop accurate cash flow projections to minimize idle cash and financing cost;
  • Obtain instantly updated reports and dashboards via automated or customized views;
  • Manage project labor workloads.


CIPAce™ is Web-based, which does not require any specialized end-user software or complex deployment to easily extend sophisticated project management capabilities to internal and external team members.  CIPAce™ allows agency’s administrative groups understand the implications of their policies on the project delivery goals.  Additionally, the audit feature of CIPAce™ allows management to pinpoint the impact of scope expansion without extensive research.


Please click here for a sample list of water and wastewater agencies who are utilizing CIPAce™ Software to optimize the values of their capital improvement programs.

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