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Fiscal Crisis and Capital Program Management (CPM)

Part 2: Productivity in Implementing Capital Program Management

The first article in this series focused on the optimization of the Capital Program Portfolio as part of the overall planning process. Productivity in Implementing Capital Program Management is the second part in a three part series covering - Fiscal Crisis and Capital Program Management (CPM).


Our focus will examine the obstacles to productivity in Capital Program Management, as well as the opportunities and tools available to improve productivity in implementing an effective Capital Program.  As we look at productivity in CPM, we need to do so from a few perspectives. First, how can the CPM process be developed in a more efficient and productive manner? And second, how can the implementation of the capital projects be managed in a more productive manner that will result in greater efficiencies, specifically in terms of cost and schedule control?


The CPM Process and Productivity


The CPM process associated with the Capital Program Plan can be complex; depending upon the level of integration between the various plans, (i.e. strategic, comprehensive, master, and CIP) and the functional disciplines. The greater the integration between the various components of a comprehensive Capital Program Management process, the greater the resulting efficiencies can be during both the planning and the execution phases of the Capital Program.


To gain a better understanding of how we define an effective CPM process, please click here: CPM Workflow

This workflow is representative of a comprehensive CPM process covering the entire lifecycle at the portfolio and project level, from planning through close out. While there are differences in the business processes that municipalities employ, the foundational base, complexity, and depth of the information that must be acquired, synthesized and communicated throughout the CPM lifecycle is represented.


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