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Our library offers the latest information and news on the CIP industry:


·         Capital Program Management

·         Capital Improvement Programs Nationwide

·         Success and Failure Stories of CIP Planning

·         Case Studies

·         Project Management Tips

·         Sample CIP Reports

·         and more…


Regularly updated, the CIPPlanner Library will serve as your go-to source for CPM information.



City of Newtek Book of Reports

    A sample report of a fictional city that applied CIPAce™ for their Capital Improvement Planning

Related Links

A selection of useful links to enrich your CIP knowledge


White Papers and Studies

A collection of studies and papers in our CIP knowledge base, including:


  • White Papers - Addressing critical issues surrounding the public sector, including those economic and technological
  • Seven Part Series - Articles and references for "Capital Program Management - Commentary on the GFOA Best Practices" Part 7 series
  • Financial Series - Articles and references for the Financial Series

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