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Dynamic Form and Metadata Management


CIPAce™ is a complete program management solution designed on years of observing industry best practices. However, base on business process unique to each organization, application customization is sometimes required. In a typical software environment, custom programming is required if; custom process, user interface, system control, or new data elements need to be added to the system. With CIPAce™, software customization is as easy as configuring a customized report using core system User Interface (UI).



Dynamic Forms

Instead of traditional UI rendering approach, CIPAce™ Core System foundation utilizes Dynamic Forms to control system user interface. Dynamic Form Module allows the creation of customized system user interface elements, or modification of existing system interface, directly within CIPAce™. Instead of having to rely on customized programming that may take significant amount of time to develop and debug, Dynamic Form module allows new UI forms and elements to be created directly within the confine and framework of CIPAce™ system foundation. By allowing CIPAce™ to manage the creation of customized UI forms or elements, in addition to cutting down the development time and cost associated, it also affords several advantages:


  • Easy system upgrade without having to consider the impact of custom elements as all customization are created under the CIPAce™ framework
  • No messy customization required to any system modules
  • Instantly modify any existing UI to add support to new process or functions


Metadata Management Engine

Under CIPAce™ framework, raw data, and a description of the raw data are stored into the database; the logical system data structure design does not have to be constrained by the physical database structure. Metadata Management Engine to parse and translate all CIPAce™ system data, allows easey configuration and customization without any modification to the backend database structure.


Metadata Management Engine, part of the CIPACe™ Dynamic UI layer, allows customization in the data level without changing database integrity. In fact, new data type can be created or existing system data type modified anytime directly within the CIPAce™ system interface. Metadata Management Engine allows the creation of any data type and maintains association with any system UI fields or elements.


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