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Workflow Engine


The Workflow Engine empowers you to thoroughly define and enforce your organization's business process workflow within CIPAce™ .  The Workflow Engine maps the business process linkages of the functions and data elements across the entire CIPAce™ Platform, increasing productivity in a number of areas, including:


  • Project cost estimate,
  • Scoping,
  • Project approval,
  • Change order review,
  • Documentation management,
  • Funding,
  • Project management,
  • Contract Management,
  • Invoice approval


The Workflow Engine enables total control in designing system processes and business workflow.


Easy to use Graphical Designer

Workflows are designed with a web-based graphical flowchart tool directly within CIPAce™ . Designing a workflow can be as easy as drag and-dropping data and control elements. This familiar and easy-to-use interface allows your organization to modify or adjust business processes on-the-fly in order to dynamically optimize operational performance objectives.  You and your staff will create and immediately deploy business process workflows with minimal training required.



Notification and Communication Engine

CIPAce™ Workflow Engine features an integrated  email-based alert system to facilitate the communication of different workflow events.  Using the Notification and Communication Engine, you simply define your triggers and notify workflow participants.  CIPAce™ generates both status reports for a particular phase in the workflow process as well as summaries  defined sets of actions communicated throughout your organization.  You can seamlessly share the progress of your business workflow as a project or program moves from engineering to design to construction.  


Adherence to Best Practices

The CIPAce™ Workflow Engine enables adherence to business processes as defined by your organization. You can begin with our standard template developed by the CIPPlanner team based upon our research and interaction with existing clients, ensuring your organization’s business process is always on par with industry best practices.


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