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CIPAce™ Core Foundation Layer


Center to CIPAce™ Platform is CIPAce™ Core Foundation - a layer of system building blocks that serve as the foundation for the entire platform. CIPAce™ Core Foundation enables powerful configurability, scalability, security and integration capabilities that are essential to serve today’s challenging business requirement in an enterprise environment. CIPAce™ Core Foundation consists of several fundamental components


Workflow Engine


Enables the definition and customization of different business and system processes within CIPAce™ as standard system workflow

Dynamic Form and Metadata Management


Enables customization of any system user interface elements, or creation of brand new user interface or new system data elements

Access Controls


Fully configurable user-access control functionalities, allowing user access to be defined from entire system components down to a single data element

Audit Trail


All system field changes can be viewed on data forms directly, or searched to allow administrators to see complete field change histories

Web APIs


External integration engine enables any third-party software solutions to be integrated with CIPAce™ system core.

Integration Adapters


Pre-developed integration software components that enable seamless data and process integration between CIPAce™ and third party applications.

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