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Document Management


The Document Management module is a centralized electronic storage and control system that consolidates the management of documents for all business solutions and processes supported by CIPAce™.  For example, all the following documents which are critical in supporting the life-cycle of a capital project from panning, financing, implementation to closeout can be managed as integral parts of the corresponding functionalities under the CIPAce™ Capital Program Management Solution: 


·   Studies,

·   Initial engineer estimates,

·   CIP Planning forms,

·   Resolutions

·   Designs,

·   Plans

·   Specifications

·   Engineering Reports,

·   Contracts Documents,

·   Invoices,

·   Change Orders and

·   Multimedia


Each document maybe classified for multiple purposes at the same time i.e. you can access a Resolution document starting from:


·   Project Management Screen

·   Contract Management Screen

·   Purchase Order Management Screen

·   Issue Management Screen or

·   Budget Management Screen


All documents are supported with advanced document management functionalities such as version control, history tracking and advanced searching capabilities.  The module is often used in conjunction with the CIPAce workflow engine to automate document review and approval processes.  The module is highly configurable around your current processes supporting the organization structure that is best suited to your government's needs. The module can support:


·   Storage of documents within CIPAce

·   Storage of documents on a designated network drive current being used for this purpose

·   Integration with 3rd Party document management vendors.

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