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Proposal Management


Governments that cast a wide net gather ideas or proposals for consideration as candidate capital projects, need planning space to capture, evaluate and communicate decions about these projects to a variety of audiences.  
Theses audience may include :


  • Local residents
  • Capital Improvement Committees
  • Bond Election Committees
  • Departmental staff
  • Management
  • Council members
  • Board members
  • Other constituents


The Proposal Management Module in CIPAce™ serves as that planning space facilitating the management of all project proposals or ideas throughout the entire lifecycle of your agencies capital program.  


Proposal with Workflow Engine


CIPAce™ Proposal Management Module is built upon the CIPAce™ Workflow Engine framework, allowing workflows process and status notification along each step of the process. For example:


  • Configuration of a proposal evaluation process tailored to your organizations structure with either concurrent or sequential evaluation and approval by multiple levels
  • Conversions of an approved proposal to a candidate project is automatically processed under the Project Management module
  • Easy linkage of a capital and approved project idea or proposal to one or more project candidates.  
  • Communication of project approval or linkage via email to every capital project proposer.  Enabling a transparent communication of the capital program development process even to public proposers.


Proposal/Idea Archive


CIPAce™ Proposal Management Module can archive every project idea ever proposed by anyone. A central repository, thus allowing your organization to justify the decisions that are made years later.


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