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CIPAce™ Applications Generic Process Layer


Built on top of CIPAce™ Core is CIPAce™ Application, which is a layer of software functionalities that helps users manage the entire life cycle of business processes. CIPAce™ Application composes of two categories of functionalities: Generic Process Functionalities and Specific Process Functionalities. Generic Process Functionalities serve multiple purposes and be deployed in many aspects or steps of the entire business life cycle while Specific Process Functionalities serve single or specific purpose and are deployed in specific aspects or steps within the entire business life cycle.


Generic Process Functionalities




Powerful reporting function for creating and managing reports of different complexities, including basic report to advanced analytic report


Portal and Dashboard Management

Flexible and fully-configurable user login homepage, allowing any system report, notifications, message, or custom content to be displayed in any format desired. Portal and Dashboard Management presents different dashboard views to different users to allow them to better perform their tasks within the system.


Fund and Fund Group Management

Manages the fund sources, fund availabilities, and fund attributes, and fund allocations across different projects within a project portfolio


Issue and Risk Management

- Enables the identification and tracking of risks and issues impacting, or may potentially impact any project or the entire program portfolio. Users can then be assigned ownership and the responsibility of solving identified issues and risks

Document Management

Centralized electronic storage and control system that consolidates the management of all documents related to portfolio projects


Project Hierarchy

Enables CIPAce™ projects to be managed in a multi-tiered fashion. Master projects/programs can be created with specific parent-child relationship with other projects within the system. This hierarchical management tool enables visibility into a project at any granular level. Additionally, this module provides multi-tiered breakdown of budgets, schedules, resources, documents, contracts, purchase orders, risks and issues, and project financials associated with any given project or program

Schedule and Resource Management

Comprehensive Project Management module fully compatible with Microsoft Project platform. Enables the management of project schedule, resources, constrain, and multiple schedule baseline analysis



Integration with existing email systems to handle notification of any CIPAce™ system events


CIPPlanner Corporation Generic Business Processes
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