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Contract Management


The vast majority implementation of capital projects is done by outside contractors and professionals.  Management of the contracts for these goods and services is a core part of the project management in the public sector.  The contract schedule and contract cost breakdowns or schedules of values are managed by a variety to tools.  Including stand alone systems, modules of ERP systems and of course spreadsheets.  The key to contract management is tight alignment of the various component process in such as Bids, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Contract issues.  Many agencies achieve this alignment thru a series of manual reconciliations that have multiple opportunities for some element of the process to get stranded on one individuals desk. 



The Contract Management Module of CIPAce™ enables comprehensive management of every program contracts including:


  • Bids
  • Vendors
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices Management and
  • Contract Issue Tracking


The Module features a comprehensive dashboard-type environment to gain a comprehensive view of all contracts associated with program projects. You can manage the overall product and service acquisition process from RFP to contract closing, and from the contract level down to a single invoice line item with the module. The level of alignment within this module allows your organization to gain unprecedented control over your entire program’s acquisition process.


Bid Management

CIPAce™ Bid Management is an extended module that facilitates the solicitation and bid management process for the acquisition of goods and services for any capital project. The module provides functions offered by many stand-alone RFP management software packages with deep integration with CIPAce™’s other functional modules. With Bid Management module, users can:


  • Establish bid question templates on which solicitations document can be created quickly
  • Create bid evaluation criteria that are used to rate bid responses
  • Create bid questions and generate solicitation
  • Invite bidders to participate and disburse solicitations to all interested parties
  • Collection of solicitation responses and import data automatically
  • Collaborate on response evaluation and analysis within the organization, using pre-defined workflow logic
  • Automatically tally solicitation scores
  • Award contract


By combining CIPAce™ Workflow Engine with the Bid Management module, the entire bid process can be fully automated. 

Vendor Management

The Vendor Management Module manages vendor information related to contracts for your capital projects. YOu can keep track of vendors’ contract detail, DBE status, and a variety of other configurable vendor information. This information can be  utilized in the following processes:


  • bidding
  • RFP's
  • contracting,
  • purchase order generation, and
  • invoicing process.


Purchase Order Management

The Purchase Order Management Module provides purchase order management features in relation to your capital project contracts. It facilitates configurable line item alignment of the linkages between:


  • work items,
  • vendors,
  • projects,
  • funds
  • invoices
  • Schedule of Values and
  • accounts.


The module can be combined with CIPAce™ Workflow Engine enabling data reconciliation among:


  • contract, 
  • invoice,
  • change orders and
  • actual expenses.


Invoice Management


The Invoice Management Module provides invoice management features in relation to contracts and purchase orders. Users can manage the whole invoice life cycle, from creation, submission, to approval and payment. This module allows the linkages between work items, vendors, and projects through configurable invoice line item structure. It also enables business flow, Schedule of Value tracking, and data reconciliation among contract, purchase order, invoice, and expense.


The workflow facilitated by this module has been extended to contractors allowing electronic submission and processing of invoices.


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