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CIPAce™ Application Specific Process Layer


At the outer layer of the CIPAce platform architecture is the Specific Process Layer. Specific Process Functionalities serve single or specific purpose and are deployed in specific aspects or steps within the entire business life cycle.


Planning Phase


Proposal Management
Manages the creation of candidate-projects by a variety of sources

Project Scoping
Manages the process of scoping portfolio projects, this is analogous to the “impact analysis” referred to by some portfolio management practices

Project Ranking
Manages the selection process of viable projects from a host of project-candidates base on different portfolio constrains and conditions

Project Filtering
Managing the process of determining funded and unfunded projects base on a variety of financial constrains in a program portfolio

Fund Allocation
Manages the relationship between funds and projects with the system. Complex rule-based relationship can be setup between projects and funds base on different allocation rules

Multiple Scenario Analysis
Analyzes interaction, interplay, and impacts of multiple projects within
different portfolio scenarios

Execution Phase


Budget Management
Provides functionalities to manage and approve funding allocations as project/portfolio budget

Project Management
Allows your project managent team, consultants, and external vendors, or to manage project schedules, resoureces and expenses on an ongoing basis.  Executive Dashboards for management by exception.

Contract Management
Comprehensive management of every aspect of a contract within the context of program management. Enables management of entire contract process from bid solicitation, purchase order, to invoicing. Every details of a contract including down to line-item level can be managed within this module

Bid Management
Fully integrated bid management module for creating , managing, scoring, and awarding solicitation (Request for Proposal) for project-related services and work

Purchase Order Management
Management of all purchase orders related to program contracts

Invoice Management
Management of all invoices related to program contracts

Closeout Phase


Asset Management
Enables management of assets acquired or constructed from projects, including depreciation classification. With this module, users can register assets, manage maintenance work orders and work history of assets, and track asset association with project. This module works in tendon with any specialized Asset Management system already deployed within your organization and synchronizes both systems should an advanced asset management strategy is utilized

CIPPlanner Corporation Specific Business Process
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