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CIPAce™ Enterprise Software Platform

CIPAce™ is a highly configurable and scalable cloud-based enterprise application platform.  CIPAce™ powers an integrated suite of infrastructure development and business management solutions, including Capital Planning and Budgeting, Enterprise Capital Project and Program Management, Project Coordination Solution Management, Vendor Portfolio Management, Grant Portfolio Management and Contract Portfolio Management.  From private sector to public agencies, from Fortune 100 corporations to small government agencies, from a traditional enterprise-hosted solution to software as a service deployment, CIPAce™ technology platform is one of the most comprehensive and configurable enterprise software products in the marketplace.


CIPAce™ Enterprise Software Platform consists of multiple layers: 

  • Core Engine - The fundamental building blocks of the system, including workflow engine, dynamic form and metadata management, system utilities, and third-party software integration adapter .
  • Generic Business Processes - General system components consists of fund management, proposal management, reporting functions, document management, and portal & dashboard management.
  • Specific Business Process - Modules taking care of special business process such as project scoping, project filtering, contract management, project ranking, and budget management.
  • By combining various system layers, CIPAce™ provides a comprehensive platform for all your portfolio management needs using easy-to-use web interface.

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