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CIPAce™ Software as a Service

Enjoying the power of CIPAce™ solutions requires no upfront hardware investment or high level of in-house IT expertise. CIPAce™ Software as a Service solutions offers your organization the power of complete CIPAce™ Capital Program Management Platform without huge upfront investment.


CIPPlanner Corporation will host your purchased solution at one of our datacenters, allowing your organization to maximize your constrained budget to focus on extracting maximum benefit out of our solutions rather than investing in physical infrastructure. With CIPAce™ Software as a Service solution, you will enjoy all the benefit and services CIPPlanner offers to normal CIPAce™ installations without having to worry about any of the technical details.


Our CIPAce™ Software as a Service solution has been successfully deployed for customers of all sizes, such as FedEx, Tahoe Transportation District and Hospitality Ventures. To find out more about CIPAce™ Software as a Service solution, please contact CIPPlanner Corporation Sales Department at or by calling 888-902-0248

Software as a Service Advantages


  • Full configuration, integration, and installation services by CIPPlanner
  • Product Troubleshooting and Diagnostic personnel onsite
  • Lowered total cost of Ownership
  • Reduced risk of implementation
  • Secured IT environment with guaranteed network bandwidth
  • Automatic upgrades and patchesCIPAccess




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