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CPM Business Process Optimization


Our CPM Business Process Optimization service will enable your agency to optimize its Capital Program Management process.  We will assist your agency achieve measurable results quickly and efficiently by refining each component process of your capital program development life-cycle.  Refinements will be made to all component processes of CPM so that more high-value, synthesized information can be produced throughout your process.   Our customers have found that Return On Investment (ROI) is most effectively achieved by reassessing current business processes and redesigning workflows.


Providing a structured framework to document and evaluate all business processes, our professional services bring extensive experience and a proven track record to CPM Business Process Optimization assignments.  This approach includes:  


  • Mapping process activities to organizational roles to clarify responsibilities and identify stress points
  • Mapping interrelated processes across organizations and supporting systems integrations to determine the broadest impact of proposed changes
  • Applying "best practices" workflow templates to capitalize on successful planning and implementations of capital projects
  • Define reports that can be used to track, monitor, and analyze key performance measurements
  • Assist testing new processes and role definitions to determine how they will work in real-world scenarios


Our CPM Business Process Optimization engagement ensures that the joint CPM Business Process Optimization team remains focused on those areas where technology and process adjustments have the greatest impact. Throughout this engagement, our professionals define:


  • Documented processes with workflows, activity descriptions, and performance measurements
  • Role definitions, skill requirements, and training plans so that organizational change can be achieved in a smooth and controlled manner
  • A comprehensive plan that maps key processes within the CIPAce application


Our CPM Business Process Optimization is a critical service that enables organizations to deploy and use a more effective CIPAce application. By working with experienced professionals, clients can acquire real and pragmatic value from their CIPAce application.

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