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System Integration

At CIPPlanner, our software platform natively supports deep-integration with a variety of third-party financial, document management, and GIS applications. CIPPlanner has performed integrations with a variety of third-party software packages for local governments, utility districts, transportation authorities, and educational institutions. CIPPlanner follows an established software integration framework which strictly follows Project Management Institute’s best practices. The framework includes high degree of interaction between CIPPlanner implementation team and client’s project team in order to ensure any integration work performed exceeds expectation.


CIPPlanner’s software platform supports most popular software packages natively with virtually no integration work required. Here is a sample of popular applications CIPPlanner’s software platform current supports natively.


Financial Management

Mitchell Humphey®
New World Systems

Document Management




Project Management

Microsoft Project

CIPAce™ Extended Financial Integration Module


With financial management playing a intregal role in the implementation phase of Capital Program Management, virtually all implementation work involves integration with financial management package. Over the years CIPPlanner has developed the Extended Financial Integration Module as a core function of CIPlanner’s software platform.


The Extended Financial Integration Module is an adaptor receiving SOAP requests from CIPPlanner’s software platform and interacting with other financial applications. The interaction is based on the CIPAce™ API specification and other financial applications’ APIs or connection specifications. Amongst its features:


  • Synchronous and asynchronous bidirectional interactions
  • Sandard and customized application objects for all applications
  • Automatically captures metadata for service interaction
  • XML transactions over service interactions with application systems
  • Detailed logging mechanism
  • Secured parameters and security controls
  • XML data mapping between application objects
  • Data import and export
  • Real time interaction or scheduled data transfers






For applications not natively supported by our software platform, CIPPlanner developed a dynamic system integration API to perform third-party software integration. The CIPAce™ Web API utilizes web services API, providing a mechanism that facilitates the exchange of data over internet/intranet. Using open protocols and interfaces, CIPAce™ Web services removes the complexity usually associated with the exchange of data between different applications.


CIPAce™ Web API comes with a standard stack of API templates for integrating with external applications or data sources on a real time or batch basis. The Web API supports industry standards for data formats such as XML, Excel, and even simple ASCII. CIPPlanner also engages with technology and industry partners like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Tyler Technologies and Laserfiche to continuously improve upon the capability of our Web API integration tool.


The CIPAce™ Web API has not only proven effective in all of our systems implementations, but also constructed to the highest standards. The CIPAce™ Web API, while powerful, is also secure against data tempering. CIPAce™ Web API supports multiple types of security and authentication methods to better conform to your organization’s standard.


Fully Integrated Solution

Regardless of what existing software application your organization are using, or what platform they are running on, CIPPlanner Corporation’s software platform provides a consolidation platform to fully integrate all your production systems. With proven track record and internally-developed integration tools, your organization can trust CIPPlanner to utilize industry-standard integration methods and best practices to consolidate all of your existing systems into our software platform.


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