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ARRA Reporting

Product Overview

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) outlines strict reporting requirement for all stimulus fund recipients. A wide range of detailed data elements are required to be reported to the Federal Government's website as part of President Obama's vow for transparency.  Municipalities that are receiving or are considering applying for ARRA grants are faced with the challenge of complex data reporting requirements and audit requirements.  Is your municipality ready to meet the federal ARRA reporting requirements?  Don't get caught unprepared at the last minute and scrambling to consolidate data from multiple sources throughout your municipality.


Introducing CIPAce™ for ARRA

CIPPlanner Corporation is proud to introduce the newest addition of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Grant Reporting capability (CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Module) our popular Capital Program Management solution utilized by major municipalities around the country.


CIPAce's™ position as the leading provider of CPM solutions leverages industry leading platform in gather construction and program status information to provide ongoing capability to fulfill quarterly reporting requirements to website.  During each reporting quarter, the CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Module automatically identifies programs projects utilizing ARRA grant funding and compiles all relevant information into XML or Excel reporting formats specified by   CIPAce™ utilizes standard web interface and the CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Module can be configured to cast a broad net to gather information from a variety of agencies into a consolidated report.


The native web interface of CIPAce can accommodate either a department by department approach or a centralized input with multi-step validations processes equal ease. 


Compile ARRA Quarterly Reports with Simplicity

CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Module enables you to prepare quarterly ARRA reports with only few clicks.


Users can associate different ARRA reporting metadata required with existing programs utilizing ARRA funds by using the primary CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Module user interface.  Once the relationship is established, ARRA-compatible reports or data transmissions can be created automatically with a few clicks.


The CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Module is able to transmit data not only  to, but also any system that manages state-level data collection and reporting requirements.


CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Module is designed specifically to satisfy ARRA reporting requirements for all municipalities, transportation authorities, education institutions, utilities districts, and other public agencies.  Regardless of the type of program your organization manages: Education, Health, Education, Transportation, or other capital improvement programs, let CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Module take the complication out of your quarterly reporting obligations.




Taking the Frustration Out of Figuring Out the Process

By using web interface, navigation, and control paradigm already familiar with CIPAce™ users, CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Module allows users to input all ARRA-reporting related data onto existing programs.  Information such as DUNS number, Congressional District, Funding Agency Code, Award Agency Code, TAS Number, and activity codes can be associated directly with programs already in CIPAce™.  ARRA data transmissions to are automatically compiled by combining existing program data. 


Because all program data and ARRA reporting codes are managed automatically and the system automatically checks user submission against established ARRA reporting guidelines and specifications, CIPAce™ ARRA Grant ensures transmissions prepared to is absolutely error-free.   Furthermore, since CIPAce™ is implemented with deep integration with financial systems, all subsequent data transmissions are automatically consolidated and reconsolidated.


CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Management functionalities allows your organization to quickly and accurately prepare quarterly submissions with zero frustration and inefficiencies.


Integration with GIS

ESRI®, the leading provider of GIS solutions, has developed the leading ARRA reporting widget for displaying funding amounts along with geographical context.  CIPAce™ ARRA is integrated with the ESRI® ARRA Widget via the ArcADE™ Platform. 


Integration with GIS creates additional dimensions to your ARRA reporting, allowing the evaluation of ARRA spending geographically.


CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Management with GIS Integration also supports public browsing capability, allowing your agency to display currently ARRA fund spending to the public using easy-to-navigate map database.  CIPAce™ ARRA Grant Management allows your agency to achieve transparency by letting the public access and examine your ARRA fund spending scenarios anytime.



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