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CIPAce™ Capital Planning and Budgeting Solution


CIPAce™ delivers you the tools to plan, prioritize and strategically fund capital programs over any time frame.  Does your organization have complex financing plans, different alternative scenarios, or support multiple interest groups?  Let CIPAce™ manages them all for you. 


Capital planning and budgeting is a complex process characterized by uncertain long term projections, political pressures, shortage of resources and demands on a wide range of expertise that requires both operational and financial knowhow.  Capital funds are always limited, and the future is never certain.

Structuring a balanced capital plan requires you to coordinate information, analyze alternatives, and build consensus.  Plans must remain flexible as needs and resources change.  How to efficiently manage the capital planning and budgeting lifecycle while encompassing all factors into consideration is one of the biggest challenges faced by any capital planning professionals.  Without a tool for dynamically managing processes and information, you risk making large capital investments for the wrong project at the wrong time. 


Our Solution


CIPAce™ is a cloud-based solution that provides major organizations the tools necessary to manage the planning of multiple projects and programs over a long planning horizon.  CIPAce™ facilitates the creation of a planning environment that can gather a wide variety of projects, impacts, priorities, and funding requirements that must be taken into account as part of the planning process.  CIPAce™ application creates an environment where these impacts, priorities and requirements can be managed dynamically. Not only are fund projections and capital budgets captured, but also are the qualitative aspects such as legal requirements, environmental impacts, green initiatives, public safety, and operating impacts.   Long-term, mid-term and short-term planning processes can be converged and managed under a unified planning framework.


Key benefits of CIPAce™ Capital Planning and Budgeting Solution include:


  • Manage the entire capital planning and budgeting cycle
  • Centralize financial, project, evaluation, and historical data in a single place
  • Plan and track projects with multiple funding sources
  • Support multiple currencies 
  • Customize project ranking parameters based on your strategic vision to effectively
  • analyze what-if scenarios 
  • Communicate with all stakeholders through powerful reporting and document management tools 
  • Extend easily to project, portfolio and asset management phases 
  • Establish and enforce best practices
  • Tailor to your organization's specific needs and processes  
  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party applications 
  • Host on your site, or implement as Software as a Service(SaaS)                                                                                              


    CIPAce™ Capital Planning and Budgeting Solution Lifecycle Diagram


    Solution Features


    • Manage Project Proposal – Collect, evaluate and monitor project proposals from multiple internal and external sources.
    • Capital Project Submission - All proposals that pass a preliminary evaluation process will be submitted as a formal project candidate into the planning process.  CIPAce™ Workflow Engine can support the automatic review and approval process with project submission and evaluation.
    • Project Financial Analysis - Evaluate a project’s financial projection and support various capital planning models.
    • Project Impact Analysis - Analyze other impact areas, such as resources, environmental, public safety, and regulatory compliance that are of importance for your organization. 
    • Project Ranking - Prioritize portfolio projects against organizational goals and priorities. 
    • Project Filtering - Determine project funding status using a rule-based automated scenario iterative approach.
    • Funding Source Projection - Dynamically manage the link between available funding and proposed projects
    • Fund Allocation - Allocate from multiple funds for projects by either dollar or by percentage.
    • Capital Plan Review & Approval - All approved projects are bundled together and submitted as a capital plan for review using review workflow supported by CIPAce™ Workflow Engine.
    • Capital Budget Development & Management - Support life cycle budget management needs, including creation, modification, transfer, approval, and monitoring.
    • Project Execution - manage the execution of project
    • Asset Management & Condition Assessment - Manage assets created from capital programs and their conditions.  Conditions of the assets become factors that will drive future capital plans.                                                              
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