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Enterprise Capital Program Management

The process of planning, financing and executing capital projects touches many systems, tools and procedures. CIPAce integrates the complex processes involved in managing projects, programs, portfolios and resources across their complete lifecycle in a single platform. Built upon on-going research, expertise and direct customer input, the highly configurable platform provides a roadmap to bring your organizations systems and process together in one central database. Regardless of the size of your organization the CIPAce platform will make capital program information available on demand.


Enterprise Capital Program Management Platform Diagram

Highly Configurable

The design approach of CIPAce™ is to incorporate the best ideas from ongoing research, implementation and evolving industry standards on a continuous basis. These best ideas are imbedded into the application design that preserves both configurability and integration with the lifecycle of the project/program. An example of this approach is the prioritization module of CIPAce™. The standard function of this module reflects the breadth of industry practice. However, users can choose whether they want the tool to reflect their current process or take an alternative industry tested approach for prioritization that is integrated with the adjacent process of fund allocation. Every step of the project/program life cycle reflects this approach.


Built-in Best Practices

CIPPlanner is a thought leader that in the area of Capital Program Management commits to ongoing outreach in the area of industry standards. This outreach takes the form of analysis and commentary on the industry best practices both in print and from the execution level. CIPAce™ is fully compliant with the functional recommendations of both the Government Finance Officers Recommended Practices and the American Public Works Association Accreditation Standards. The CIPAce™ Platform allows a jurisdiction to use as many, or as few, of these capabilities as desired. The pace of change can be managed in a phased approach that evolves from planning cycle to planning cycle or automation of your processes. The choice is yours.


Systems Integration

Capital Program Management can potentially touch over 11 existing tools of a jurisdiction: General Ledger/ERP, Budget, Performance Measurement, Project Schedule, GIS, Work Order Management, Asset Management, Contract Management, Document Management, Time Keeping, Bid Management. The current most used tool for Capital Program Management is a series of complex disconnected spreadsheets. 


CIPAce™ can solve this problem by serving as a stable unifying tool to replace the spreadsheet for all sizes of organization for Capital Program Management.


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