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CIPAce™ Enterprise Travel & Expense Management Solution  

Travel and Expense Management is a critical aspect of any business, but is a process with many steps involving many people across multiple departments.  Managing this process is a tedious task.  The CIPAce™ Enterprise Travel and Expense Management Solution (CIPAce™ T&EMS) is designed to simplify and streamline the T&E process for organizations of any type and size. 

The CIPPlanner Solution 

The CIPAce™ Travel Management Solution (CIPAce™ TEMS) can do the work for you with a simplified process that goes from point “A”, creating a Travel Authorization, to point “Z”, post payment audits, and everything in between.  No two companies have the same travel management process, which is why CIPAce™ T&EMS was designed to easily customize rules, workflows, user interfaces and dashboards without any coding change of the underlying software platform.  The entire process flows of travel requests, authorizations, expense and receipts tracking, expense report development and approval, reimbursements, and compliance and quality assurance are all managed under one single database. 

Key Benefits 

 Streamline Travel Authorizations and Expense Reporting and link every step of the process; creating a connected record trail and eliminating the need to re-enter information from one step to the next.

Flexible workflow paths with the ability to send expense reports back for corrections without having to start over. 

Allocate multiple fund and account types to a single trip and track multiple payment types including company credit card, procurement  fund card, cash advance, personal credit card, cash, etc.

Customize dashboards and interfaces so that users can see the most important information at a glance and run reports and audits. 

Support mobile devices with the ability to digitally capture expenses and receipts or review Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports  on the go.

 Allows for the possibility of direct integration with other key business processes or third-party systems. 

 Built-in full-featured Document Management System for digital receipt retention. 


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CIPAce™ Travel & Expense Management System Platform Core Features

A Simplified and Connected Process

The CIPAce™ Travel Management Solution links and streamlines the expense reporting processes from beginning to end.  With one Travel Authorization form, the Solution is able to handle multiple travelers on a single trip, add and track cash advances, auto load custom per diem rates based on location and date, follow robust workflow processes, and send auto alerts allowing users to view and approve Authorizations right from their mobile device.  Approved Travel Authorizations auto generate expense reports, carrying over trip information and estimated costs.  An intuitive user interface allows users to easily update estimated costs and upload receipts.  Expense Reports follow another robust workflow, tracking multiple fund sources and necessary reimbursements.  


System Configurability

With a variety of easily configurable features, The CIPAce™ TEMS ensures employees follow your organization’s internal procedures without having to do any coding change of the underlying software platform.  Examples of system configurability include user interface and dashboards, user roles and access rights, Expense Report types, workflow paths and per diem rates.  With drag and drop boxes, users can create dashboards unique to their job descriptions.  Custom user roles ensure that users have exactly the amount of access and privileges as required by their position.  Workflows can be configured by your organization’s preferred parameters such as department, expense report type and positions.  Trips that are funded by multiple sources or accounts may require parallel workflow paths through separate departments.  Expenses purchased without a travel authorization may require a special workflow for approval after the fact.  Per diems can be batch loaded and automatically applied based on trip zip code, such as the GSA Federal Per Diem chart, or set with custom limits based on your organization’s rules.  


Reports, Audits, and Checkpoints

The CIPAce™ TEMS is the first check point for review of unusual spending activity or users not following organizational procedures.  Popup alerts remind users to upload missing receipts before initiating the expense report workflow.  Email Notifications are automatically sent to users and escalated to Admin if expense reports are not filed on time and an Audit Tracking system allows users to see what, if any, changes have been made to the expense reports.  CIPAce™ TEMS compares new expense entries to all historical entries and marks expenses that are potential duplicates or contain duplicate receipts.  A Statement Tracking feature auto matches credit card statement items to the expense report items to ensure all transactions have been declared and approved .  With easily configurable rules, any variety of organizational misconduct can be spotted and marked for review.    


Full-Featured Document Management and Receipts Capturing by Mobile DevicesDocuments can be added and tracked within CIPAce™ TEMS at any point throughout the travel and expense management process.  Written approvals and email communications can be uploaded to the Travel Authorization, and linked to the expense report as well.  Receipts uploaded directly into the system from a mobile device will auto generate an expense item into the expense report.  Users can upload multiple receipts from their desktop and easily associate with individual expense items.  All the receipts in the expense report can be downloaded into a single PDF file for easy viewing and reconciliation.

Versatile Deployment Options

CIPAce™ Enterprise Travel & Expense Management Solution can be offered as either a customer hosted solution or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).  This solution is highly configurable to fit the needs of any organization.  Contact our sales team at 888-902-0248 or to schedule a demonstration.

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