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Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  Our customer support services are provided by an in-house software expert team that ensures customers receive reliable and accurate solutions in a timely manner.  


Our customer support is a multi-faceted, first-rate service offered to all of our clients.  A few of our avenues to support are among the following:


  • Secure Internet access to your desktop
  • Phone and email support
  • Online resources


Product Help

CIPPlanner provides various tools to help customers gain product knowledge and quickly find solutions to their problems.  This includes context-sensitive online help, user manuals, technical administrator guides, and training manuals.  We also provide clients with customized training manuals on an as-needed basis.


Customer Relationship Management

When the software implementation phase has completed, we will continue to provide the in-depth support you need.  With a team of technical support analysts available for frontline call handling, client follow-up, and crisis management solutions, we vouch to be there every step of the way.  Implementation Managers who work with customers to implement solutions will be available to provide domain knowledge support on an as-needed basis.  CIPPlanner keeps record of all client contacts, their support requests, and continuously monitors the progress and tracking of the history of each incident.


Hours of Support

CIPPlanner provides regular support from 8:00am till 5:00pm (PST) Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).  Reports called in after normal business hours will be responded to the next business day. Email support requests are monitored seven days a week. 


Product Enhancements

Product support, fixes, enhancements, and regular product releases are covered by the annual "Support and Maintenance" contract.  All updates to our products are delivered to our clients as soon as they becoming available.


Premium Support Service

Premium Customer Support Service plans are offered and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your agency.

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